Web Slings

Eye & Eye web slings feature tough 2 ply material that comes in 2″ or 4″ thick products.Eye to Eye slings feature a twisted eye on one and and flat eye on the other. This helps optimize the choker configuration.
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2" Wide4" Wide
Vertical 6,400lbsVertical 11,500lbs
Choker 5,000lbsChoker 9,200lbs
Basket 12,800lbsBasket 23,000lbs
Part NumberSizeDecriptionPrice
EE2-802-82" wide 8' long2 ply web sling34.95
EEU-802-102" wide 10' long2 ply web sling41.35
EE2-802-122" wide 12' long2 ply web sling47.75
EE2-802-162" wide 16" long2 ply web sling60.55
EE2-802-202" wide 20' long2 ply web sling73.55
EE2-802-242" wide 24' long2 ply web sling86.15
EE2-804-84" wide 8' long4 ply web sling73.85
EE2-804-104" wide 10' long4 ply web sling86.75
EE2-804-124" wide 12' long4 ply web sling99.65
EE2-804-164" wide 16' long4 ply web sling125.45
EE2-804-204" wide 20' long4 ply web sling151.25


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