R.O.P.S. Repair

Certified Boom Repair Service has a ROPS (Roll-over protective structure / FOPS (Fall-over protective structure) / Cab repair service offered to customers who have sustained damages to their heavy equipment cab systems. This includes cabs on excavators, dozers, loaders, cranes and telescoping boom forklifts.

We have repaired many different types of cabs from many different manufacturers and have become quite proficient in the repair process. We have designed several repair procedures for both steel and fiberglass cabs. All repaired cabs are issued our placard of certification stating the proper OSHA standard ROPS repair falls under, 29 CFR 1926.1001 and 1926.1002, as well as our in-house signed and sealed certification. 

Call 877-300-BOOM (2666) for any ROPS repair needs!

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