Boom Repair

Lattice Boom Repair

We repair tubular or angle-type boom generally known as “lattice boom”. We have either repaired or rebuilt just about every type of lattice boom made so our expertise and knowledge will go beyond your expectations. Repairing lattice boom is very specific in nature. We are able to do everything from weld-fill and hand-finish corrosion damaged areas to performing chord splices on all four main chords to replacing main cross members to removing damaged lacings and everything in between. We have a specific lattice boom repair procedure for every type of repair we’ve done that meets or exceeds manufacture specifications. We also have a Manitowoc Certified welder on staff so our commitment to quality and service goes beyond expectations.

Hydraulic Boom Repair

Along with lattice boom repair we have rebuilt and/or repaired thousands of hydraulic booms off of cranes, excavators, backhoes and loaders by all manufacturers. As well as the lattice boom repairs, there are designed procedures for all types of hydraulic boom repair. We repair everything from cold straightening deflection in the boom using hydraulics to replacing the steel in all four sides of a badly damaged boom. A514 (commonly referred to as T1), or 100,000psi yield steel and Weldox 960 (140,000psi yield) steel are the two most common types utilized in our repairs. We will provide documentation on the mill run specs that includes among other properties, the tensile and yield strength.

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