Mobile services

Mobile Services

Along with our “in-house” repairs Certified Boom Repair can service your welding and mechanical needs in the field. We can deploy our technicians with little or no notice whenever your crane or earthmover needs a quick fix.

Many times, cranes are on a job-site where an inspection certification is required. There is nothing worse than a crane being “downed” for a couple bent lacings or something minor. Certified Boom Repair stocks many different sizes of D.O.M. (drawn over mandrel, 65,000 minimum yield) tubing as well as specialized tubing for certain manufactures. We are able to cut what we need at our facility, load up hydraulic pumps, crimping tools and whatever else the job may require and dispatch our newly improved service truck to wherever the crane may be.We can also send our mechanics to your crane if it’s broke down or isn’t running correctly.We service the entire Southeast United States plus we’ve done work in South and Central America, the Caribbean and the Bahamas.Next time your equipment is down and you cannot get it to our facility, give us a call.

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