Veteran’s War Memorial at Certified Boom

Mike Smith is our founder and President. Certified Boom Repair grew out of a business he acquired in 1982 but the principles through which our business operates were in place well before that.

Mike’s father was a WW2 pilot and Mike himself was a pilot in Vietnam. Both of Mike’s sons, Troy and Tyler are also veterans and served in the United States Army. Needless to say we’re proud of the strong military presence that has always run deep in the Smith family. This presence has always meant a lot to us and is even more intensified in today’s world.

We felt it so much that in 2015 Troy and Tyler actually had a replica of the F4 Mike flew in Vietnam made and delivered to the shop. Mike was overwhelmed with pride and felt the need to take it a step further. So he set out meticulously planning a memorial. The vision that followed is our Veteran’s War Memorial at Certified Boom.

The F4 stands close to 20′ in the air while perming a gradual left turn. There is a plaque Mike had made that stands front and center on the stand. It details the meaning of the memorial and reads “In memory of 58,000 Americans who died fighting the Vietnam War” and also details the plane itself, where it served and with whom it served with. We’ve also got Old Glory flying high guiding the F4 back home.

Here’s a link to some pictures of the processes where we installed the F4 onto the custom-made stand and where we poured the slab for it. Some of the guys in the shop helped in making the stand and mounting the plane to it. They were a great help and were excited to be a part of the process.

The memorial is something we are proud of and represents a deep seated love of our country and family here at Certified Boom. With it we honor all those who have served, and currently serve, in our military. We are forever and always grateful for your service. It is the ultimate sacrifice and does not go unnoticed.

  • Mike and the F4


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  1. Brad Stager December 16, 2017 at 11:29 am #

    Nice work.

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