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Body Builders Indeed

Certified Boom Repair has been a body builder for many years now. What we mean by “body builder” isn’t that we subscribe to the gym rat philosophy but that we are a company that prides ourselves on being able to install and mount bodies to bare cab/chassis or convert existing trucks into a different application. Whether that body be a crane, aerial man lift, roll-off hoist or concrete boom pump we have the facilities and experience to comfortably and successfully make it happen.

Currently we are installing roll-off hoists. Below is a video of a Mack tractor that we’ve had to extend the frame rails by approximately 7 feet. At this point we had finished with the extension process and in the pictures below you’ll see more of where we are in the process as of now.

  • Rears removed installing crossmembers

The process is straight-forward in theory but there is a lot of detail that goes into a project like this. You can only do so much with a tape measure, notes and drawings…it’s when the work actually starts is when the detail comes into play.


Transforming a bare tractor to a fully functioning roll-off hoist is one of the many body-building services we take pride in. As long as the customer is happy and we don’t lose our you know what then we’ll keep on keepin’ on!


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